Manual dispenser for high tack adhesive type SAT 20 HA


Ergonomic handle hand dispenser for acrylic foam

This manual dispenser has been specially designed to facilitate the application of very adherent adhesive tapes such as elastic Visco foam. The application of HBV foam can be very tedious. The SAT 20 HA makes the handling of these adhesives when assembling parts quick and easy.

The SAT 20 HA is a sturdy VHB applicator with a handle that is designed to withstand the hazards of intensive use and industrial production.

It is a user-friendly device featuring an ergonomic handle and a cutting trigger.

This handheld dispenser for strips of acrylic tape is undoubtedly the ideal instrument for the operator seeking to manipulates thick and very adherent foam tapes.

Distributeurs manuel pour mousse acrylique
Applicateur de main à poignée ergonomique
Convient pour une production industrielle

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Technical characteristics






What types of uses this manual Visco tape dispenser intended for?

This SAT 20 HA hand applicator for elastic Visco foam is a device that enables the straight and constant application of HBV foam onto any type of surface. It is often used in assembly and maintenance operations as this acrylic type tape is sometimes better suited for the situation at hand than other more complicated or sometimes less efficient joining methods such as welding, screwing or applying glue.

This manual acrylic foam dispenser is popular for use in construction, building, automotive and electronic applications or for wood or metal furniture.

What are the advantages of this applicator for thick extremely adherent tape

The main advantage of this dispenser is the convenience it provides its operator. The application of adhesive tapes such as acrylic foam can be extremely tedious. Without adequate tools, the user of this elastic Visco material will resort to using their hands and thus risk removing part of the adherent power from HBV. In addition, manual use requires cutting the tape with scissors or cutters which can risk causing injury.

The SAT 20 HA is a device that not only allows for the extremely simple and controlled application, it also the safest way applying Visco tape. The [SAT 20 LA](SAT20LA product page) dispenser is specifically designed to dispense and apply Visco foam strips of that are 25 mm in width.

This lightweight device sports and ergonomic handle and can conveniently be operated with one hand. All the user has to do is to apply acrylic foam on the desired surface and proceed with the cutting by pulling the trigger provided for this purpose.

Despite its small dimensions, the manual SAT 20 HA dispenser is highly efficient and practical and can easily cut Visco tape that is up to 1.5 mm thick.

The SAT 20 HA's ultra-high performance blade is yet another characteristic that makes this tool so efficient. The blade of the SAT 20 HA is specifically designed to be used with very thick highly adherent acrylic foams. The blade is made from mechanically reinforced and sharpened rigid steel and is slightly inclined on the device so as to allow for a seamless and smooth cut.

Another feature that makes this manual handle applicator for HBV foam extremely user-friendly is its cutting trigger. Unlike most conventional dispensers that require the user to cut the adhesive once its been applied, the SAT 20 HA dispenser is equipped with a trigger that cuts the adhesive as demonstrated in the presentation video. This manual dispenser ensures the smooth and hassle-free manipulation of Visco type tapes.

In addition, SAT 20 HA is an extremely sturdy manual dispenser for acrylic foam. The frame of the unit is made entirely of thick, rigid painted metal sheet making the device resistant to shocks and warping. The hollow curves present in the outer frame of this dispenser were designed to strengthen the structure of the device. This dispenser is coated with varnished epoxy powder paint so as to make the device more dirt resistant.

As stated earlier, the SAT 20 HA handheld dispenser for elastic Visco tape has an ergonomic handle so as to allow for one-handed use. This handle has been molded in ABS resin to ensure real comfort.

As seen in the presentation video, this device is also equipped with a guide roller that is used to ensure the perfectly straight application of tape from one edge of the surface to the other. In order to ensure extra stability during the application of tape, this device has an additional handle made of black plastic.

This guide roller is essential to the good application of quality of acrylic foam adhesives. It is made entirely out of soft rubber so as to avoid sticking to the adhesives used and provides a smooth application on all types of surfaces.

The SAT 20 HA thick adhesive film dispenser is designed to accommodate rolls of tape that are up to 20 mm wide, with an external diameter not exceeding 320 mm. Regarding the size of the mandrel, the SAT 20 HA is compatible with the standard size of 76 mm.

This manual dispenser is an indispensable tool for any industrial operator handling HBV foam throughout their tasks.

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Using this handheld dispenser for thick foam

The use of this SAT 20 HA dispenser is very intuitive. Once the roll of acrylic foam is loaded into the device, hold the dispenser with the ergonomic ABS resin handle and place the guide roller on the desired surface. Pull the thick adhesive tape to the desired length and squeeze the trigger to make the cut.

When working on a piece of plate or a surface with an edge, use the second handle to help stabilise the SAT 20 HA during the application of tape.

Setting up and loading the roll

First load the roll onto the hub of the manual dispenser located on the back of the unit. Make sure to orient the roll of adhesive film so that it is unwound from the top of the roll in a counterclockwise manner. Take the end of the tape and bring it to the cutting line. Then pass the acrylic foam tape between the rigid steel guillotine blade and the cutting trigger and place it onto the soft rubber guide roller. The manual HBV foam applicator is now ready for use.

Maintenance and cleaning

This manual dispenser requires virtually no maintenance or cleaning. All components of the device have been selected to ensure longevity and resistance of the dispenser against the test of time and the wear of intensive use. However it is recommended to check the guillotine blade from time to time for the accumulation of glue residue which can hinder the quality of the next cuts. If this is the case, apply some white spirits to remove the residue.

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