Distributor automatic separator of liner for labels type LDX60 25 - 50 - 100


High speed electric recuperator for opaque labels

The Labelmoto® LDX6025 - 6050 - 6100 is a high speed ** label dispenser. ** This machine has been specially designed for fast distribution of wide and short opaque labels. This labeler also has the particularity of ** automatically separating the adhesive sticker from its protective lining ** to lighten the task of the industrial operator.

The LDX6025 - 6050 - 6100 includes a ** heavy duty self-adhesive buffer collector ** made of anodized aluminum.

Three models are available in the LDX60 range, each corresponding to a different delivery speed.

Thus, the LDX 6025 provides an adhesive label output of 3.9 cm / s, LDX 6050 8 cm / s and finally the LDX6100 will distribute up to 16 cm / s.

This automatic device is therefore the ideal companion of the operator in an intensive industrial production.

It should be noted that this self-adhesive sticker ** in rolls ** may not be compatible with transparent pellets. For the distribution of translucent labels, refer to the models [LD6025] (product page LD6025) C, LD6050 C and LD6100 C, also supplied by DERFI

Dérouleur automatique d’étiquettes
Distributeur de vignettes autocollantes haute vitesse
Dérouleur robuste pour étiquettes larges et courtes

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics

LDX6025 76 178 310 3 - 152 6 - 178 368x394x368 5,120
LDX6050 76 178 310 3 - 152 6 - 178 368x394x368 5,120
LDX6100 76 178 310 3 - 152 6 - 178 368x394x368 5,120

What kind of uses is this electric adhesive label dispenser intended for?

The Labelmoto® LDX6025 - 6050 - 6100 is mainly intended for the fast and repetitive distribution of short and wide adhesive labels.

Thus, this labeler will prove very useful for the application of barcode labels, but also for the labelling of postal parcels on shipping chains. This dispenser of labels for indicative marking can also come in handy with products related to the sale of pharmaceutical products and other medical equipment, as well as in the food sector for packaging, bottles, cans, as well as in the fragrance sector for indications on bottles.

What are the advantages of this adjustable label dispenser ?

Retrieving labels can often be tedious and very time-consuming. The Labelmoto® LDX6025 - 6050 - 6100 thus offers the industrial operator the possibility of considerably reducing their working time while improving their comfort. This device is very easy to use, fully automated, fast but also accurate and versatile.

The first advantage offered by the models in this range can be seen in the rate at which the labels are released. This is the main feature of these devices, they issue stickers at high speed. Each model has a unique output speed. Thus, the LDX6025 distributes its labels with a flow rate of 3.9 cm / sec. The LDX6050 allows the dispensing of adhesive labels with 8 cm of output per second. Finally, the LDX6100 doubles this distribution ratio with a rate of 16 cm / sec.

This distribution flow rate has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of large industrial productions. The Labelmoto® labelling machine thus represents a considerable time saving advantage for any industrial operator during their labelling tasks.

The automatic device is also extremely easy to use. Its fully automated dispensing system makes the handling of adhesive labels hassle free. All the user has to do is retrieve a sticker and a new one will automatically be made available. This functionality is made possible by a photoelectric detection cell that individually recognises the output of each label and orders the distribution of a new one.

But this detection cell does not serve only one function. It is particularly essential for the output accuracy of the labels. Indeed, the cell is positioned on an adjustable axis that allows the detection field to be oriented at different angles. These angles define the length of the labels to be delivered. This will allow the operator to choose the setting that best suits the dimensions of each of his labels. The Labelmoto® LDX6025 - 6050 - 6100 can distribute labels with lengths ranging from 12.7 mm to 152 mm.

The LDX60 are also extremely practical automatic label dispensers. The biggest obstacle in the rapid recovery of adhesive labels is separating them from their protective liner. Here, the Labelmoto® LDX6025 - 6050 - 6100 preforms this operation instead of the user. Thus the electronic device automatically recovers the blank liner strip after the labels have been removed, thanks to a system of drive rollers organised within the device itself.

In addition to promoting a rapid dispensing of adhesive labels, this liner separator keeps a clean work surface throughout the use of the LDX6025 - 6050 - 6100.

It should be noted that this electronic dispenser for adhesive labels is a robust instrument. It has been manufactured from anodised aluminium steel to prepare it for the various stresses that result from industrial activity. Thus, the Labelmoto® LDX6025 - 6050 - 6100 will withstand the time and wear of intensive use.

Another special feature of this sticker dispenser is its versatility in accommodating rolls. The label dispenser can accommodate labels with a maximum width of 178 mm. This device can be used with label rolls with an outer diameter of up to 310 mm.

Finally, the LDX6050 Labelmoto® is one of the most stable electronic label dispensers on the market. Indeed, the stability of the device is checked in two steps. On one side a tension brush is used to adjust the output pressure of the rolls. It is an adjustable brush that is regulated by a wheel system. Thus, depending on the weight and size of the roll used, it will be necessary to tighten or loosen the brush. Secondly, the LDX6025 is equipped with a high torque motor, allowing it to distribute rolls of all types of adhesive labels without any snagging or overheating.

The Labelmoto® LDX6025 - 6050 - 6100 is therefore an exceptional device with a very high speed and a real versatility. It is an ideal instrument for any operator whose activity requires the fast and electric distribution of wide and short adhesive labels.

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Using this automatic industrial label dispenser

First activate the power supply by pressing the ON / OFF button on the electronic label dispenser. A first label will be dispensed automatically. Retrieve this first label. A new label will automatically appear once the previous one has been taken.

Starting-up the labeler and loading up a new roll

Connect the Labelmoto® LDX6025 - 6050 - 6100 to a power supply. Then place the roll of adhesive labels on the hub provided for this purpose. Make sure to place the roll so that it is unwound from above. Then slide the guide bar at the end of the roll and tighten the knob to secure the device. Next, grab one end of the strip of labels and guide it under the tension brush. Stretch the liner by lifting the hub, then remove a first label from the divider film. Once the separation is complete, guide the liner under the recovery surface so that it makes a U-turn. Then place the divider film on the recovery roller provided for this purpose. After this, slide the locking rod supplied with the device onto the same roller to lock the liner strip and secure the roller. Then grasp the black locking key located at the brush and slide it up to your label strip. Turn the key so that the key is locked. Finally, adjust the axis of the brush to adjust the discharge pressure using the metal knob on the brush. Finally, position the photoelectric sensor to determine the distribution length of the labels.

The device is now ready for use.

Labeler cleaning & maintenance

Virtually no maintenance is required for the LDX6025 / LDX6050 and LDX6100 models. These devices are very resistant and require practically no cleaning. If used in a dirt-prone environment, a simple dusting off with a dry cloth will suffice.

Spare-parts replacement

DERFI has all the detachable parts necessary for the proper functioning of this adhesive label dispenser. We therefore offer, the delivery, repair and maintenance of all these parts on request.

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