Manual dispenser for adhesive tapes DS 50

Manual tape dispenser with safety cutting system

The DS 50 manual dispenser for adhesive tape is manufactured and assembled by DERFI, in our workshops in France. With the aim of offering a robust and fully secured cutting dispenser this device is suitable for CAT and ESAT centres for people with disabilities. This tape cutting device with a serrated blade can be mounted onto tabletops and is ideal for use in a production line.

Dérouleur manuel pour films adhésifs
Dévidoir de scotch industriel traditionnel
Conçu pour tous types de bobines

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics

DS 50





What kind of uses is this manual adhesive label dispenser intended for?

This manual dispenser for rolls of adhesive tape has been designed for the fast and secure handling of adhesive tapes. It is mainly used with standard size rolls which are 50 mm wide. The DS 50 will not only come in handy when closing boxes and other parcels, but will also be very useful for masking work in the automotive industry, or in the process of fixing parts before sewing in the leather goods industry.

What are the advantages of this electric adhesive cutter?

This manual dispenser is above all a device designed for the easy and quick handling of pieces of adhesive tape. Its specificity lies in its ease of use. The DS 50 manual tape dispenser can be used single handedly. Thanks to perforations provided on the base of the device, the DS 50 can be mounted onto a table top for added comfort and stability during cutting.

Equipped with a serrated blade made of rigid steel, the DS 50 manual dispenser with secure cutting ensures immediate cutting with a simple hand gesture. In addition, the cutting system of the device is completely secure. DERFI has designed a manufacturing process that makes it impossible for the blade to come into contact with the users fingers or any other part of the body. In this way, a cylindrical safety roller is installed at the level of the serrated steel blade, leaving space only for the passage of adhesive film. This manual dispenser is therefore suitable for use in centres for the disabled such as CAT and ESAT.

It should also be noted that the DS 50 manual tape dispenser is extremely robust. Made in France from stainless steel, this manual dispenser for adhesive tape is very resistant, and will withstand heavy use related to industrial activity.

Additionally, this manual dispenser for adhesive rolls can accommodate rolls that are 50 mm wide and with an external diameter not exceeding 135 mm. As for the size of the reel, it corresponds to the standard hub size of 76 mm.

This manual dispenser for adhesive tape is therefore an essential tool for the industrial operator in a small or medium production. The DS 50 will guarantee its user a definite time saving and a real comfort of use.

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Using this industrial adhesive dispenser for wide rolls of tape

Once setup and mounted to a table top, the DS 50 manual tape dispenser can be used with one hand. Simply grasp the end of the adhesive film and place it above the cutting surface. Then move the adhesive tape to the right of the unit, so that it passes under the safety metal cylinder, and over the rigid steel notched blade. Proceed to the cutting with a simple wrist movement.

Remove the adhesive roll at the end of each use to avoid the accumulation of glue residue on the blade of this safe cutting manual device.

Starting-up the dispenser & loading a new roll

Place the adhesive roll around the receiving hub so that the tape is dispensed from the top of the unit, i.e. counter-clockwise. Peel off the end of the adhesive tape and follow it to the cutting line under the safety roller. The manual tape dispenser is then ready for use.

Dispenser cleaning and maintenance

Entirely made of stainless steel, this manual dispenser requires virtually no maintenance. The DS 50 tape cutting instrument is generally resistant to dirt and breakage. This industrial adhesive tape dispenser is extremely robust and will last for many years, no matter the intensity of use.

As for cleaning, if necessary, apply detergent to the notched blade to remove any traces of glue residue, then maintain it from time to time with silicone oil.

Spare parts replacement

DERFI has all the spare parts of the DS 50 manual dispenser. We offer the speedy delivery of the components of this cutting device upon request.


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