Manual dispenser for pre-cut adhesive tape type DPC 80/1400


Manual dispenser for very large adhesive rolls

This dispenser was designed by DERFI with the aim of assisting in the handling of very wide pieces of pre-cut adhesive tape. Made in France, this extremely robust device is compatible with rolls of adhesive that are up to 250 mm wide, though it can be made to accommodate wider adhesives upon request.

Dévidoir manuel pour découpe de rubans larges
Dérouleur industriel robuste
Conçu pour tous types de bobines

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics

DPC 80/1400





What kind of uses is this dispenser for pre-cut adhesive tape intended for?

This manual dispenser has been specially designed to facilitate die-cutting operations. This device is made in France and can be adapted to suit many sizes of adhesive rolls. This versatility will allow the industrial operator to handle adhesives of various sizes and types.

This device is very popular for use on shipping lines, but also for the handling of large labels, or the distribution of pre-cut adhesives in the automotive or aerospace industries, where lengths are often standardized. Often, the use of pre-cut strips is intended for **masking work in paint shops: **[Marouflage](SEO Marouflage)

What are the advantages of this electric adhesive tape cutter?

The main advantage of this pre-cut adhesive film dispenser, lies in its capacity. Unlike most traditional dispensers, the DPC 80 / 1400 can accommodate extremely wide rolls that are up to 1400 mm in width. This versatility does not hinder the device's compatibility with smaller sized adhesive rolls. This device therefore offers the industrial operator a very wide range of uses and choices of die-cut rolls.

Another essential aspect of this device is its efficiency. The structuring of the components of the DPC 80 / 1400 allows an extremely smooth and effortless distribution. The materials chosen by DERFI's technicians and the layout of the drive rollers have been designed for the optimal release of pieces of tape.

It is important to note that the DPC 80 / 1400 is entirely manufactured from stainless steel. In addition to providing the device with extremely resistant properties, this coating makes the device virtually insensitive to wear, dirt and heavy use. STAINLESS STEEL is renowned for its self-cleaning properties thus preventing the die-cutting device from needing any particular maintenance.

This manual dispenser is heavy and as such does not need to be mounted to a surface or table. Nevertheless, perforations have been provided under the sole of the device for the user wishing to optimize the stability of their manual dispenser for pre-cut adhesive tapes.

Please note that it is possible to equip the device with an adjustable brake system in order to make the unwinding of the rolls more fluid according to their size and weight.

Finally, DERFI proposes the addition of an additional hub support, so that the industrial operator can use two adhesive rolls simultaneously. This option is available on request by contacting us via our website, or by phone at 01 39 78 26 31.

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Using this industrial dispenser for large rolls of adhesive tape

The use of the DPC 80 / 1400 is very intuitive. Place the end of the strip on the recovery surface located by the dotted lines separating the adhesive strips. Then, simply make a downward gesture so as to dispense a piece of adhesive. The dispensing will be more or less fluid depending on the quality and thickness of the adhesive film used.

Starting-up the dispenser & loading a new roll

First loosen the knob on the right end of the hub. Adjust the gap between the two support cylinders, and place the adhesive roll. Secure the roll into place using the adjustable hub to tighten the knob. Make sure, to orient the roll of adhesive so that the distribution is from the top of the roll and not from the bottom. Then guide the end of the strip of adhesive tape under the first drive roller and bring it back above the second to the recovery line. This manual die-cut tape dispenser is now ready for use.

Dispenser cleaning and maintenance

The manual dispenser for pre-cut adhesive films type DPC 80 / 1400 requires virtually no maintenance and is extremely robust and resistant to dirt thanks to its stainless steel casing. From time to time, check for a potential buildup of glue residue along blade. If this is the case, simply use a traditional detergent such as white spirits to clean the blade.

Spare parts replacement

DERFI has complete stock of all DPC 80 / 1400 components. Any spare parts can be delivered upon request. Simply drop us a message via our contact form.


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