4-track manual dispenser for adhesive tapes type DND 63 - 4M


Manual dispenser for cutting adhesive films

The DND 63-4M manual dispenser is a tape dispenser designed for the simultaneous dispensing of several pieces of adhesive. Equipped with 4 hubs, this dispenser can accommodate four times as many rolls of tape as standard single-track devices. This manual dispenser offers the possibility of using adhesive rolls of different types, colours and sizes.

The DND 63-4M is perfectly suited to the professional seeking to handle a wide range of adhesives simultaneously in their day to day tasks.

Multi-track manual dispenser
Dévidoir de scotch robuste
Conçu pour usage simultané de plusieurs bobines

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics

DND 63-4M





What kind of uses is this manual adhesive dispenser intended for ?

The particularity of this dispenser is that it can support up to 4 adhesive rolls at a time. This tape dispenser will therefore mainly interest the operator needing to work with several types of adhesive tapes at the same time. This is very convenient for people conducting the [indicative marking] (SEO Marking) work of electrical cable networks or even in PVC and nylon pipe cutting activities as tapes of different colours will be required. The DND 64-4M is also well suited in ground marking applications when different coloured tapes are used to distinguish the different perimeters on assembly lines or within a shipping area. The DND 63-4M can be simultaneously be loaded with various types of adhesive materials such as ordinary adhesive tape, double-sided adhesive tape as well as PVC tape for example.

The DND 63-4M can also be used in everyday home applications where cutting pieces of tape is needed.

What are the advantages of this manuel adhesive tape dispenser?

The main advantage of this heavy base tape dispenser is its practicality. The DND 63-4M manual dispenser is extremely easy to use. Simply place it on a table or workbench, pull the adhesive tape with one hand and then cut it using the device's serrated blade.

The main feature of this manual dispensing device is that it can accommodate up to 4 adhesive rolls at the same time. This feature offers the operator the possibility of using a wide variety of rolls on the same device. The user will be able to choose to work with opaque and transparent adhesives, but also with different colours, larger or smaller external diameters, etc. In addition, the DND 63-4M can be very useful for group work. Several people can then work on the same device. Also, the fact that the device is equipped with 4 hubs can simply mean that the user of the DND 63-4M will not have to change adhesive rolls often.

It should also be noted that this manual dispenser is extremely robust. Entirely made from painted steel, the DND 63-4M is designed to withstand the harsh working conditions often associated with industrial environments.

The blades of the device are all serrated and made of rigid steel, allowing for a straight and immediate cutting.

Finally, the last feature of this tape dispenser is that it is equipped with a heavy base meaning that the device does not have to be screwed to a surface in order for it to be used. With a weight of 2.73 kg, the DND 63-4M is stable and can be used with one hand for optimal comfort and convenience.

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Using this heavy-base industrial tape dispenser

This manual dispenser is very easy to use. Simply pull the end of the adhesive tape and bring it to the cutting blade in order to dispense a strip of adhesive.

Setting up the device and loading a roll

Like most other products in the DND range, the DND 63-4M can be set up in seconds. Simply place the rolls of adhesive on the hubs intended for this purpose while making sure to orient the tape so that it is unwound from the top of the roll. Peel off the ends of each of the adhesive tapes and pull them to the 4 notched blades of the device. The DND 63-4M manual tape dispenser is now ready for its first use!

Cleaning & Maintenance

The DND 63-4M requires virtually no maintenance though after intensive use, glue residue can accumulate long the blade of the device. If this is the case, simply use white spirit to remove the dirt followed by some silicone oil to maintain a smooth cut.

Spare parts

DERFI keeps stock of all the spare parts of the DND 63-4M and offers the repair [repair](Repair page) or exchange of these devices.

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Spare parts


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