Safe manuel dispenser for double-sided adhesive type DND4155-4160-4163


Manual dispenser for double-sided adhesive reels

The DND4155-4160-4163 manual dispensers have been specially developed for the dispensing of double-sided rolls of tape. The structure of the dispenser makes it possible to conveniently separate the sticky tape from its liner for the immediate application of the adhesive. These three models are set apart by their differences in weight and options. Some are equipped with a heavy base while others can be mounted to tabletops or workbenches. The DND4155 can only accommodate rolls of adhesive that are less than or equal to 25 millimeters in width, while the 5146 and 4163 are compatible with rolls of adhesive that are up to 50 millimeters in width.

Dérouleur pour double face
Dévidoir de scotch industriel
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Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics

DND4155 76 25 250 0,605
DND4160 76 50 250 0,675
DND4163 76 50 250 2,020

What types of uses are these manual adhesive dispensers for film intended for?

These manual dispensers are intended for the intensive handling of double-sided adhesive films and are used across many different industries for a wide range of applications not limited to: the assembly of parts before welding in the automotive industry, the [preparation of parts to be cut out](SEO Set up page) in the leather goods industry , or even for the installation of carpets and wooden floors.

What are the advantages of this industrial device for double-sided tape?

These handy manual dispensers facilitate the work of their users by separating the protective liner from the sticky adhesive tape during the cutting process, that way the user does not need to spend time peeling the liner from the tape as with other traditional tape dispensers. The DND4155-60-63 guarantee a considerable gain in productivity and time savings which is indispensable during intensive production.

The DND4155-60-63 operate in an interesting manner. A cylindrical system of rollers - similar to a gear system guide the double-sided tape through a long winding course within the device. This causes the protective liner to wrap around a cylindrical axis while the adhesive strip is dispensed in the opposite direction towards the cutting line.

Another feature of the DND4155-60-63 range lies in the host of different rolls of adhesive that can be used with these devices. The DND4155 is specially designed to be compatible with standard sized adhesive tape and can accommodate rolls with a maximum width of 25 millimeters. The other two products of the range, the DND4160 and DND4163 on the other hand, are equipped with hubs designed for wide rolls that are 50 mm in diameter maximum. All three of these **double-sided scotch tape dispensers* are suitable for rolls of adhesives with outer diameters of up to 250 mm in diameter.

The main distinction between these three products however is their difference in weight. The DND4155 and DND4160 are similar in weight, weighing in at 0.605 kg and 0.675 kg respectively. These very light industrial DF tape dispensers will need to be mounted to a table top or work surface so as to insure stability when used. The DND4163 on the other hand is much heavier with a weight of 2.020 kg. The DND4163 is equipped with a heavy base that does not need to be screwed to a surface in order to be used. It can be transported and used on the different stages of the production chain. The DND4163 is a convenient tool to have on all stages of production and for all activities in factories, workshops, warehouses or large spaces, where it is convenient to move tools around.

In addition, all [manual double-sided tape dispensers] of the (Product DSB50SB/TB) range are equipped with a serrated, notched blade which enables the quick and smooth cutting of adhesives. These user-friendly devices can be used with one hand and only require a simple hand movement in order to cut tape. As such these dispensers meet the requirements of intensive use in industrial environments.

The DND4155, DND4160 and DND4163 also come equipped with an adjustable brake system located at the rear of the hub. Simply turn the white knob to adjust the tension of the tape being dispensed. This can be very useful, especially in the use of DND4160 and DND4163 which are intended for wide rolls of adhesive. Wide rolls of tape can be more or less heavy depending on the material and thickness thus affecting the unwinding speed of the double-sided adhesive tape. An unsteady dispensing speed can cause disruptions in the user's tasks that require the cutting to length of tape.

The DND4155, DND4160 and DND4163 are extremely robust tape dispensers that are made from rigid steel. These extremely durable devices do not require constant maintenance as their smooth, varnished coating allows easy and effortless cleaning.

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Using this industrial double-sided taper

While these three convenient models can be used with one hand, it is particularly advised to manipulate the DND4163 with both hands so as to ensure the stability of the device when in use.

To use these devices, simply pull the double-sided sticky tape towards the serrated blade in order to effortlessly cut the adhesive.

Setting up and loading the roll

First load the adhesive roll around the hub located at the end of the unit. Make sure to position the double-sided tape in such a way that the adhesive tape is dispensed from the bottom of the roll in an upwards direction. Place, the end of the strip of double-sided adhesive tape over the middle steel roller. At this point, separate the adhesive tape from its protective liner. Then guide the adhesive tape under the upper black rubber roller, and place it on the cutting surface. Take the liner and wrap it around the bottom roller of dispenser in a clockwise direction. This manual dispenser for double-sided adhesive is now ready for use. Repeat this process each time the device is loaded with new roll of tape.


The DND4155, DND4160 and DND4163 hardly require any maintenance. Their smooth, sturdy steel casing guarantee resistance to wear and dirt. However, it is advisable to check for the accumulation of glue residue along the blade from time to time so as to ensure the flawless functioning of these devices. Simply use some white spirit to help clean any potential glue residue along the blade.

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