Manual unwinder for adhesive type DND1500s


Manual cutter with secure cut for adhesive tapes

The DND 1500s is a manual dispenser for thin adhesive tape rolls. This adhesive tape dispenser is known for its very low weight, making it a very handy and easily transportable tool. Moreover, this model assembled in France by DERFI is equipped with a fully secured cutting system making the device suitable for use in the CAT and ESAT centers for disabled people.

The DND 1500s is also extremely sturdy and will withstand heavy and rough use associated with any assembly line.

This instrument is very easy to use and will be just as handy in an intensive production environment as in an office.

Dérouleur manuel de film adhésif
Dévidoir à coupe sécurisée
Conçu pour des bobines fines

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics






What types of uses is this manual adhesive film dispenser intended for?

The peculiarity of this manual tape dispenser is that it can be intended for many and various uses. Thus, the DND 1500s will be very useful the closing of boxes and parcels. It is a popular device for use in shipping areas but is also handy in household environments while moving or as an regular office tool. This dispenser may in particular be suitable for the various use in graphic art or in the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of medical equipment. This versatile device can also prove useful on all sales surfaces for the paper wrapping of gifts or closing of cardboard boxes.

The DND 1500s is commonly found in the work areas of many professionals such as florists, bakers, mechanics, caterers or even in restaurants.

What are the benefits of this secure cutting dispenser?

The first advantage of this manual tape dispenser is its sleek appearance and ease of use. Composed of a hub, a retaining bar and a secure cutting system, the DND1500s is easy to handle. The user must simply pull on the end of the strip and bring the tape to the steel triangle blade.

This manual dispenser is also very small. It therefore adapts perfectly to any table or workbench, while being very discreet.

A great specificity of this thin adhesive roll dispenser, appears in its secure cutting system. DERFI has designed this innovative system in order to protect the users of DND 1500s. Like with the [DS25E] (Product DS25E), two protective discs have been placed on the cutting surface thus preventing any risk of injury when using the manual dispenser. The protective discs offer too narrow a gap for fingers to slip in between them, thus preventing the user from getting injured on the steel blade. This system ensures that the DND 1500s perfectly meets the safety standards required by CAT and ESAT centers for persons with disabilities

The steel blade of this manual dispenser for adhesive rolls was designed in a triangular shape so as to ensure a quick and efficient cut.

The DND 1500s is a very sturdy manual dispenser. This adhesive dispensing device is made of rigid steel thus making the appliance very durable. The industrial operator will be able to use it in intensive production without fear of any damage or wear.

In addition to being very resistant, this scotch tape dispenser requires virtually no cleaning. Equipped with very few components, dust and dirt are very easy to remove.

This *adhesive tape dispenser** can be screwed onto tables or workbenches (preferably on vertical surfaces) so as to provide greater stability.

This tape distributor is only intended for use with adhesive rolls that are 25 mm in width. For the chuck, the DND 1500s can accommodate rolls with mandrels of 25 mm and 76 mm in diameter. The maximum outer diameter of the adhesive tape should not exceed 220 mm.

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Using this manual adhesive tape dispenser

This adhesive tape dispenser is very easy to use. After having mounted the device to a flat surface, simply pull the end of the strip of tape to the cutting surface. Once above the drive wheel system, lower the adhesive strip so that it comes in direct contact with the triangular blade. The piece of tape will be cut instantly.

Setting up and loading the roll

First mount the manual DND 1500s device onto a table, workbench, or vertical surface, using the perforations provided on the frame of the device. Two screws are supplied with the unit for this purpose. Then, position the roll of adhesive tape on the hub of the dispenser. Make sure to position the roll in such a way that it will be unrolled from the top of the roller, facing towards the front of the secure cutting device. Pull the end of the tape and bring it back to the cutting surface of the manual scotch tape dispenser. Proceed to the first cut. The DND 1500s is now ready for use.

Maintenance and cleaning the dispenser

This dispenser for adhesive rolls requires virtually no maintenance. Simply clean the device regularly if it is being used in an environment conducive to the accumulation of dirt and dust. For the triangle blade, glue residue may accumulate as a result of regular or intensive use. To clean it, simply apply solvent to the blade.

Spare parts

Should any parts of the DND 1500s require replacement, DERFI offers the delivery and repair of all detachable parts of this manual dispenser with secure cutting system.


Spare parts


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