Heavy duty manual dispenser for adhesive tapes type DND 63/52


Double slot manual dispenser for adhesive films

This heavy base tape dispenser is been designed for the fast and efficient distribution of adhesive tapes. The particularity of this manual dispenser is that it can be used either with a single adhesive roll tha tis 50 mm wide or with two thin 25 mm rolls.

This robust tape dispenser is perfectly suited for the industrial operator seeking to increase their productivity, thanks to a high quality, versatile tool.

Heavy Adhesive Tape Dispenser
Manual tape dispenser for professionals and individuals
Designed for standard size rolls

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics

DND 63/52





What kind of uses is this manual dual-track adhesive tape dispenser intended for?

This device has been designed for the quick and easy handling of pieces of tape. The DND 63/52 dispenser features a dual-track system enabling the use of two 25 mm rolls simultaneously. This functionality widens the scope of applications that this hand adhesive dispensing device can be used for as users can used rolls of different colours, materials or diameter. This feature is very helpful when working with the [indicative marking of cable networks] (indicative SEO marking), or the protection of canvases in graphic arts, etc....

The two tracks of the manual dispenser DND 63/52 can be used as a single track for 50 mm wide tapes, allowing the operator to use larger rolls. This tape dispenser is be very popular for [marouflage] tasks (SEO Marouflage), or for the assembly of parts within a production line, etc...

The DND 63/52 dispenser a very versatile product suited for a wide range of applications. It will come in handy for the industrial operator seeking increase their productivity, as well as for the individual or the office agent.

What are the advantages of this manual adhesive tape dispenser?

The main advantage of this manual dispenser is that it assists with the fast and efficient distribution of pieces of tape. The DND 63/52 dispenser is extremely easy to use. All the operator needs to do is to pull the end of the adhesive tape (or two if using a double track) to the serrated steel blade in order to effortlessly and immediately cut a piece of adhesive.

Another quality of this manual dispenser is that it is equipped with close hubs with the same dimensions. This setup makes the DND 63/52 very versatile enabling the dispenser to take two rolls of adhesive that are 25 mm wide. The DND 63/52 is compatible with rolls that have a maximum outer diameter of 150 mm regardless of whether one wide roll or two narrow rolls are used. In the case where two narrower rolls of adhesive are placed onto the device, tapes of different colours can be used. This can be very useful on assembly lines where electronic components are given indicative marking. This dual-track dispensing device is also handy for users needing to work with different types of tape. Furthermore, this two-track feature can save space or allow users to work in pairs on the same DND 63/52 device.

The double track of this dispenser has been designed so that should the need arise, one wider 50mm roll of tape can be used instead of two thin ones. This functional feature will enable users of the DND 63/52 to save space whilst using just one device that is compatible with a variety of different rolls.

Weighing in at 2.630kg, the DND 63/52 adhesive film dispenser is equipped with a heavy base thus guaranteeing full stability and comfort during the cutting process. In addition, the fact that this manual dispenser does not have to be screwed to a surface makes it very easy to carry.

Entirely made of rigid steel in painted steel, this DND 63/52 two-track dispenser is extremely durable and robust. This device will withstand the heavy use of any intensive production.

This tape dispenser it is equipped with a toothed steel blade made of small teeth that are placed close together in order to optimise the quality of the cut produced. Thanks to this blade, the DND 63/52 ensures straight and effortless cutting.

The DND 63/52 cutting instrument for tape and other adhesive rolls is a compact device and is very discreet on tables and workbenches in factories and workshops.

As indicated in above, the DND 63/52 can take two thin adhesive rolls at the same time as long as their widths do not exceed 25 mm each, or one large roll not exceeding 50 mm in width. The maximum outer diameter of the roll(s) of adhesive film should not exceed 150 mm. This device is only compatible with rolls that have a standard reel size of 76 mm in diameter.

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Using this heavy-base industrial dispenser

This heavy-base manual dispenser is very easy to use. Once the roll(s) have been placed, simply bring the end of the tape to the serrated steel blade located on the cutting line and and pull downwards in order to cut a piece of tape.

Setting up the device and loading a roll

First, place the DND 63/52 on a flat surface. Place one wide adhesive roll or two narrower ones onto the hub of the device making sure to orient the roll(s) of adhesive so that the tape is unwound from the top. Then peel off the end of the tape(s) and bring it to the cutting line, placing the tape on the notched blade. The manual dispenser is now ready for use.

Cleaning & Maintenance

This manual dispenser requires virtually no maintenance. It is very robust and practically insensitive to impact and wear. Should glue residue accumulate along the serrated blade, simply use white spirit to remove it. As for the rest of the device, it can be wiped clean with a dry cloth.

DERFI keeps stock of all the components of the DND 63/52 and thus offers the repair and shipment of all detachable parts for this device.

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