Ergonomic handle dispenser for transfer tape DND 3175


1 hand dispenser liner separator for adhesive films

This manual dispenser was designed for the quick and repetitive application of transfer tape. It differs from traditional dispensers through its portability. In fact, the DND 3175 is light in weight and is equipped with an ergonomic handle, allowing it to be transported everywhere, thus facilitating the sticking of scotch tape onto all types of surfaces. In addition, this sticky tape dispenser incorporates a liner recovery system, allowing the automatic separation of the supporting paper with the adhesive tape. In addition, an adjustable brake ensures a stable and smooth application of the sticky material on all types of surfaces.

This hand-held dispenser is therefore the ideal tool for the operator needing to handle strips of transfer tape and wishing to considerably increase their productivity.

Transfer tape applicator
Manual scotch dispenser liner separator
Designed for thin rolls

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics






What types of uses is this manual ribbon dispenser intended for?

Transfer tape is a type of tape where the sticky part does is not rigid and stiff. The DND 3175 is used for the careful application of glue on all types of surfaces. This device will be used mainly in the paper industry, but also in the fields of graphic art or for the temporary gallery exhibitions, etc... similar to a glue gun, this applicator lays a sticky surface on leather parts for example, this is a commonly used technique and device within the [leatherwork](SEO leatherwork page) industry.

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What are the benefits of this manual device for adhesive tape?

The DND 3175 consolidates into a single product all the qualities necessary for the easy and hassle-free application of transfer tape.

This manual dispenser is characterised by its portability and easy handling. The DND 3175 is equipped with an ergonomic handle making handling the device very intuitive. The sticky tape distribution device is meant to be manipulated with one hand, allowing its user to stabilise and position the object to be glued with their other hand. In addition, this handle has entirely been made out of resin for a pleasant and non-slip grip.

Weighing in at 0.33 kilograms, the ** DND 3175 transfer tape applicator** is easy to use as it is extremely lightweight. This ergonomically friendly handheld dispenser for double-sided tape was designed to be used with one hand. Even with a large roll of adhesive set in the device, this sticky tape applicator is still very light and easy to carry.

Another major feature of this transfer paper dispenser lies in the support paper retrieval system. A winding system has been installed on the device in order to rewind the liner film or backing paper separately. It is the interaction between this winding system and the guide rollers that results in the perfect separation of the two materials. In addition, this feature prevents the used liner paper from accumulating on the users' work surface.

The DND 3175 features a metal trigger on the dispenser. The latter is connected to the main hub by means of a spring system and a metal rod. The trigger pressure activates the dispensing of tape by blocking the roll’s release at its axis. It is thanks to this adjustable brake that the DND 3175 allows for the applied application of sticky transfer tape. This is an essential feature in thesurface application of transfer scotch tape.

The DND 3175 is a particularly sturdy device. Equipped with a resin handle and a painted sheet steel frame, this manual dispenser resists the wear and tear of time and intensive use in industrial environments.

Finally, the guide roller located at the front of the appliance is a smooth and allows for the simple application of the glue thanks to its 100% rubber composition.

The DND 3175 is compatible rolls of transfer tape that are no more than 25 mm in width. The hub is divided into two parts. Thus, the device allows for the simultaneous use of rolls with mandrel diameters of 25 mm and 76 mm. This device can accommodate rolls with an external diameter of up to 150 mm.

The DND 3175 therefore is a very ingenious tool that will save its user a considerable amount of time in the performance of their tasks.

Using heavy-duty industrial dispenser

Using the DND 3175 is very simple. Simply position the rubber roller of the handheld transfer adhesive applicator on the desired surface. Press the metal trigger and pull the sticky tape to the desired length. Once the application is complete, release the adjustable brake.

Setting up and loading the roll

First place the desired roll of transfer tape around the hub. Make sure that the roll of transfer tape is positioned so that it is unwound from the top of the roll. Take the end of the adhesive tape and pass it under the winder and then over the metal guide rollers. Then, once at the rubber drive roller, start winding the strip of tape around it and then halfway through, peel off the liner. While holding onto the sticky tape, guide the strip of liner into the winding system through the top of the rubber roll. Once the end of the liner is in the winding system, it will be held in place accordingly. The device is now ready for use.


This handheld transfer tape applicator hardly requires any maintenance. It resists the rough and harsh use related to industrial environments. However, it is recommended to protect the device from dust and to clean the appliance from time to time in order to avoid the accumulation of residue glue.

In case of defective or out-of-service parts, DERFI stocks all the spare components of this unit. We offer the exchange, the repair and the delivery of all these pieces.


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