Manual unwinder for adhesive rolls of type DIC 25


Manual cutter with secure cut

The DIC 25 is a manual dispenser designed for the quick cutting of adhesive tape pieces. This device is made in France and was entirely designed and manufactured by DERFI. The DIC 25 stainless steel dispenser is equipped with a safe cutting system coupled to a sliding cutter, in order to guarantee a perfectly straight cut.

This manual dispenser has been designed for rolls of adhesives that are up to 25 mm wide. It is therefore the ideal instrument for cutting off scotch ends and for gluing in shaping applications.

Dévidoir industriel pour rubans adhésifs
Dérouleur de scotch à découpe coulissante
Conçu pour bobines fines

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics





What kind of uses is this adhesive label dispenser intended for?

This DIC 25 manual dispenser is mainly designed for the neat and fast cutting of thin adhesive films. It will come in handy in numerous tasks, such as the closing of cardboard boxes, gluing paper sheets, wrapping operations or even for [linking] (SEO page Links) cables.

This cutting device is versatile and can be used across many different industries that use adhesives in their work, and in particular to those in search of responsible methods and continuous improvement.

What are the advantages of this manual safe-cutting adhesive tape dispenser ?

The DIC 25 manual dispenser for adhesive films a handy device that was designed by our technical teams boasting nearly 40 years experience. The objective of this design is to create a manual dispenser that is optimized for the fast and intensive cutting of adhesive tapes, but also to manufacture a device capable of cutting pieces of tape in a perfectly straight and neat way.

This performance is made possible thanks to the highly efficient secure cutting system. This DIC 25 manual dispenser for adhesive films is equipped with a vertical sliding cutter allowing for a perfectly straight cut in both cutting directions.

Additionally, a triangular blade located within the cutter, thus allowing for a smooth cut. No effort is required. The operator can cut adhesives with a simple hand gesture.

Moreover, this cutting system is completely secure. The space between the cutter and the cutting line has been designed so that fingers cannot slip through it. Thus, there is no risk of injury for the user when using the DIC 25 manual tape dispenser. This manual dispenser for rolls of tape is therefore adapted to the safety standards provided by CAT and ESAT centers and workshops employing disabled people.

It is also important to note that this manual safe-cut dispenser with was manufactured and assembled in France by DERFI. Made entirely of stainless steel, the DIC 25 is extremely robust and requires virtually no maintenance. The quality of the steel allows the dispenser to withstand the tests of time and wear, even in environments of intensive industrial production.

This manual dispenser for adhesive tapes can be mounted to tabletops and workbenches, guaranteeing perfect stability during cutting.

The DIC 25 tape dispenser is only compatible with rolls of tape that are 25 mm wide. Similarly, the outer diameter of the adhesive roll may not exceed 180 mm. As for the mandrel, the DIC 25 adhesive dispenser has two hub sizes, 25 mm and 76 mm.

This secure cutting dispenser is therefore an essential tool for any industrial operator who wants to increase their production.

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Using this industrial adhesive tape dispenser for thin rolls

Pull the adhesive tape according to the desired length and place the end of the strip on the cutting surface. Grasp the sliding cutter and slide it horizontally over the adhesive tape. For the next cut, simply slide the cutter back in the opposite direction.

Starting-up the dispenser & loading a new roll

First mount the manual dispenser for adhesive tapes to a tabletop or work surface, using the holes provided for this purpose that are located on the base of the unit. Then place the roll of tape around the hub of the DIC 25 so that the adhesive is distributed in an anti-clockwise direction. Then peel off the end of the adhesive tape and guide it under the first drive roller and place it on the cutting line depending on the length of tape desired. The device is now ready for its first use.

Dispenser cleaning and maintenance

The DIC 25 manual dispenser requires virtually no maintenance. Entirely made of stainless steel, this tape dispenser is very dirt-resistant. It is therefore perfectly suited for use in industrial environments.

From time to time, check for a potential buildup of glue residue along blade. If this is the case, simply use a traditional detergent such as white spirits to clean the blade.

Spare parts replacement

DERFI has all the necessary parts for the proper functioning of the DIC 25 available for speedy delivery upon request.

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