Manual unwinder for adhesive reels


Industrial manual dispenser for adhesive tapes

The BD manual dispenser is a tape dispenser designed for the handling of adhesive tape on rolls of all sizes. This device is available in several versions specifically designed to accommodate adhesive rolls of certain types, sizes and weights.

This tape dispenser can also be equipped with a heavy base plate and a dual track roller system.

This manual dispenser for adhesive tapes is very easy to use and will serve both the industrial operator and the administrative agent.

Industrial dispenser for adhesive tapes
Versatile scotch dispenser
Designed for all types of adhesive reels

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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  • ROLL WIDTH BETWEEN 50mm and 150mm

Technical characteristics

BD/50 50 145 76 70 x 220 x 130 1,500
BD/75 75 145 76 88 x 220 x 115 1,660
BD/100 100 145 76 106 x 220 x 115 1,955
BD/150 100 145 76 124 x 220 x 115 2,380
BD/50 conductive 50 145 76 1,500
BD/50 2R 2x25 145 76 1,490
BD/100 4R 4x25 145 76 1,945
BD/50 CLAMP 50 145 76 1,410
BD/50 R CLAMP 2x25 145 76 1,400
BD/50 HE 50 145 76 2,975
BD/50 HE 2R 2x25 145 76 2,975

What kind of uses is this industrial dispenser intended for ?

This manual dispenser is ideal for any industrial activity requiring regular use of double-sided or single-sided adhesive tapes with protective liner. This is very practical for the application of adhesive tapes before sewing in the [leather goods] (SEO Maroquinier) industry for example. It can also be very useful for shaping, watchmaking and other activities where double-sided taping is necessary.

This tape dispenser is perfectly suited for operators wishing to work in pairs on the same dispenser thanks to the BD R version allowing the simultaneous use of 2 to 4 adhesive rolls.

What are the advantages of this heavy-base manual adhesive tape dispenser ?

All dispensers in the BD range are noted for their simplicity, combining quality components and a refined design into a user-friendly device. Simply pull the end of the adhesive strip and guide it towards the notched blade of the cutting device before effortlessly cutting a piece of tape.

This blade has been designed to guarantee a straight and particularly fast cut. Equipped with small closely-spaced notches, this rigid carbon blade is as sturdy as it is efficient. In the case of bluntness caused by intensive use, the blade of the BD manual adhesive tape dispenser is very easy to replace.

This manual dispenser for adhesive films is extremely robust. The frame was entirely made of rigid steel, giving the device the qualities necessary for use in an industrial environment.

The BD manual dispensers can be mounted onto table tops and workbenches, thus guaranteeing perfect stability while in use.

As mentioned above, the BD manual dispenser has a number of variations designed to meet the specific needs of each user.

Thus, the BD 2R and BD 4R versions offer two-track and four-track systems respectively. Each of these tracks can accommodate rolls not exceeding 25 mm in width. These dispensers are suitable for operators wishing to work in pairs on the same device, or simply for the operator needing to handle different types of adhesive films simultaneously.

Another derivative of the BD is the BD CLAMP which enables the manual tape dispenser to be attached to the edge of table using a clamp system.

The BD manual adhesive tape dispensers can also be equipped with a heavy-base. This base ensures comfort and cutting stability without having to mount the device onto a table or workbench. This makes the BD HE is easily to move and carry around. Note that this option is also available as a two-track BD dispenser under the reference BD HE R.

Last but not least, all the dispensers in the BD range can be modified with the conductive option. This entails painting the frame/casing of the device with conductive paoint thus helping to avoid the build up of static electricity.

Apart from the BD R reels, all other BD models are available for roll widths of 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm. The external diameter of the rolls used should not exceed 145 mm. Finally, each of the dispensers has a reel with a diameter of 76 mm.

The manual adhesive tape dispensers of the BD type thus offer by their versatility and simplicity of use, a real comfort when cutting adhesive tape and above all a significant increase in productivity.

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Using this industrial adhesive dispenser for thin rolls of tape

Once the roll is installed, take the end of the roll of tape and pull it back towards the cutting line. With a simple hand movement, bring the adhesive film onto the rigid carbon steel blade to cut the piece.

Setting up the dispenser and loading a new roll

First mount the BD manual dispenser to a table or workbench. BD HE models do not require mounting as they are equipped with a heavy base. For the BD CLAMP models simply position the manual dispensers at the edge of a table and place the clamp between the cutting device and the table before screwing in the retaining rod so as to stabilise the manual dispenser.

Once the device set in place, put the roll of adhesive roll around the detachable hub of the dispenser. In the case of the BD R and BD HE R models, place the rolls around each of the hubs.

Make sure to orient the rolls of adhesive so that the tape unwinds from the top of the roll.

Peel off the end of the adhesive tape and bring it back to the cutting line, then place the tape on the rigid steel notched blade.

The manual dispenser is now ready for its first use.

Cleaning & Maintenance

BD type manual adhesive tape dispensers require virtually no maintenance. They are very sturdy devices that will withstand the tests of time and the wear of intensive production. However, it is recommended to clean the blade from time to time, especially if there is an accumulation of glue residue on the notches of the steel blade. Simply use a conventional detergent to remove all traces of dirt.

Spare parts

DERFI keeps stock of all the components of the manual dispensers in the BD range and offers the speedy delivery of the components of these dispensers upon request.


Spare parts


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