Derfi tape dispensers for adhesive tapes and labels


Automatic adhesive dispenser

We offer automatic adhesive dispensers to cut adhesive strips to length

The category of electrical tape dispensers includes some of our most powerful and efficient models such as the RT7700, the ZCM1000 or the TBC50. These are products designed to optimize the productivity and daily life of the industrial operator.

Most of our automatic reels have an intuitive programming system. The programmable options of the devices thus make it possible, for example, to predefine several modes and length of distribution and cutting to length, as demonstrated by RT7000 .

Moreover, all of these unwinders are equipped with photoelectric detection cells for intelligent advance and independent distribution of scotch pieces.

The practicality of these machines lies therefore in their simplicity of use and in the yield they offer to their users. The automatic or semi-automatic mode of our machines will thus allow the operator to save considerable time thanks to an electric dispenser for self-distributing, fast and repetitive adhesive films.

Manual adhesive dispenser

The Manual Tape Dispensers we offer are each suitable for a variety of applications and reel sizes. That's why we have so many machines in this category. Thus you will find on this page manual reels for thin and wide reels, but also for all types of adhesives such as tape transfer, double sided or velcro.

These scotch dispensers are particularly distinguished through their cutting system, whether they are notched, guillotine or triangular blade.

You will also encounter reels with a track that can also go up to 4 tracks such as the DND63-4M, but also hand tape applicators and dispensers equipped with liner recovery system.

Our dispensers, such as the T30R or the DSB have different options depending on the size of the coil, the use and the cutting system.

Automatic label dispenser

On our website you will find a very wide range of electronic label dispensers. These automatic rollers for self-adhesive vignettes were designed with the aim of considerably lightening the task of the industrial operator. Indeed the separation operation of the self-adhesive pad with its protective liner can often be long and laborious.

For this purpose, our reels for the recovery of stickers guarantee a fully automatic distribution thanks to a motorized system coupled to a photoelectric detection cell as you can see it on the LD3000, the LD3500 which allows the distribution of transparent pellets or the automatic label dispenser DWR-LC .

Our range will allow you a wide choice of machine meet the different criteria of your reel and your use.

Please note that our adhesive label skimmers can be equipped with mechanical feelers (| DWR100 and 200m) or detection cell in order to be able to distribute any type of reels.

These self-adhesive tablet dispensers will be able to optimize the productivity of their users through fast distribution, while avoiding the waste of your labels.

Manual label dispenser

Some industrial operators or other tradesmen and craftsmen, make repeated use, within their activity, of self-adhesive vignettes. But tag recovery can be very time consuming and impractical.

For this reason, DERFI offers a certain number of self-adhesive sticker hand pickers opaque and transparent. These distributors are particularly distinguished in their capacity to receive reels equipped. Thus you will find that the DMR280 can hold up to five rolls of adhesive labels. The machines DAD316 and DLR50, for their part, a single spool and can be fixed on a table

In addition these unwinders are particularly ingenious in that they allow the clear separation, fast and effective self-adhesive labels and their liner protection. It is a system of training rollers that will allow this separation. These manual recuperators for opaque and transparent labels are therefore tools that are perfectly suitable for the operator working on small and medium productions.

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